Clawson Care Pharmacy is now offering RAPID COVID RT-PCR and RAPID COVID ANTIGEN testing for all ages

Both tests require a nasal swab, oral swabs are no longer available

Results available in 15 minutesAppointments Preferred, Walk-ins welcome

These are Fee For Test services, we ARE NOT able to bill your health insurance for these services.  You may file for reimbursement on your own from your insurance company, however these services will be provided at a direct cost to the patients at the time of testing.  If you need your medical insurance to pay for your test, there are many urgent cares and clinics in the area that are setup for that, but keep in mind most of these clinics have a 24-48 hours turnaround time for results.  
Two types of tests available at Clawson Care Pharmacy:
  • ​Rapid Antigen Test- 15 minutes results, cost $75
  • Rapid PCR Test-- 15 minutes results, cost: $150
Rapid PCR Test- AKA Molecular Test
  • The GOLD STANDARD of COVID testing and is the most accurate test available
  • Abbott ID Now Testing is one of the most widely-available molecular testing technology; Approved by FDA under EUA
  • Used worldwide and is accepted for all employers and travel
  • Same Day results, 15 minutes 
Rapid Antigen Test 
  • BD Veritor Plus System provides simple and reliable rapid antigen testing; Approved by FDA under EUA
  • Best results 5 days after exposure and/or current COVID symptoms
  • Less accurate than PCR with more false negatives
QR Code will be provided with the results for those who need it for their specific travel destination
Clawson Care Pharmacy is a CLIA-Waived facility with a CLIA identification number available upon request and will be provided with the test results